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Where & How?

All the above mentioned course are offered primarily on our premises in our fully equipped, dedicated training center. 

However, with prior arrangement, we are able to perform the training at a location best suited to the client*.

Applications or inquires for one, or a combination, of these courses are done here on our website, or by via phone call. 


*subject to, but not limited to, availability, access, proximity as well as a set of conditions agreed to by the individual /organization and H.E.M.S

Training We Offer
First Aid Level 1

The First Aid Level 1 course offered by HEMS is accredited with the Department of Labour as well as the Health and Welfare Seta. This level of First Aid training the one that is required by the Department of Labour in the working environment (except where higher levels are specifically required because of the industry worked in).  The course lasts 2 (two) days and covers all the basics in order to deal with emergencies, both at home and in the work place. The course also includes child and infant choking and CPR. The certificate issued is valid for 3 (three) years.

First Aid Level 2

The First Aid Level 2 course offered by HEMS, also accredited by the Department of Labour and the Health and Welfare Seta, expands on the basics covered in Level 1 and includes spider bites and management of foreign objects. The course is presented over 3 (three) days and the certificate validity period is 3 (three) years.

First Aid Level 3

In the First Aid Level 3 course the body is studied in more detail and covers, among others drowning, childbirth, and a basic study of the body its systems and functions The course is also accredited with the Department of Labour and the Health and Welfare Seta is presented over 3 (three) days with the certificate being valid for 3 (three) years.

Combinational Courses

Combination First Aid courses are also offered which makes it possible for the learner to cover more of the levels in a shorter period of time. These include First Aid Level 1-to-3 Combined, Level 1&2 Combined and Level 2&3 Combined.

The different courses are offered either at the HEMS premises in a dedicated and fully equipped classroom while arrangements can also be made to offer training at the client’s premises, subject to certain conditions.


For more information on the courses, their costs and availability, contact HEMS on 0122527883 during office hours, or email or

Our Accreditiations

The Hartbeespoort Emergency Medical Service training and certification center is accredited with the Department of Labour, as well as, the Health & Welfare Sector Education & Training Authority (HWSETA).

Adjacent images remain the property of the appropriate organization.

H.E.M.S claims no ownership of said images.

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