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CPR 3.jfif

The steps to follow in order to perform CPR

(Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) correctly.

Chocking 1.jfif


How to identify and appropriately deal with 

 a person who is choking.


Learn what causes anaphylaxis, as well as methods of dealing

with a person exhibiting symptoms.

Shock 1.png

How to identify key markers as well as tend to a person who is a victim of shock.

Third degree burn woods.jfif

Learn the difference between the severity categories of burn wounds, and how to treat them.

Bleeding 2.jfif

Steps to follow in order to stop bleeding for minor and serious wounds, and how to stop nose bleeds.

Cuts and scrapes.jfif

Categorical steps for treating minor cuts and scrapes, swiftly and effectively. 

Bee sting 2.jfif

How to properly clear and clean the wound caused by a bee sting .

Snake bite.jfif

How to identify the severity of a snake bite, and subsequent steps to follow.

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