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There, just in case.


Cover All Your Bases

Whether large or small, numerous amounts of planning takes place in order for an event to run smoothly. One important aspect is having the necessary Medical Standby precautions in place. Each and every event is different, and for this reason, each event requires different levels of Medical Services on standby. We are dedicated to providing qualified cost-effective event medical services for both individuals and corporations


HEMS was the official Medical standby to the 2020 Om die dam Ultra Marathon.

How We Can Help

​In addition to Standby Medical Services, HEMS offers its assistance to event organizers with determining and planning which medical resources they would require for their event- ranging from a single medic or medic team, to an accompanying ambulances

Event organizers and venue owners can be assured that we take every care to ensure that all emergency medical measures are soundly in place, for their peace of mind during events.

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