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Special Projects

Catering to your every need.

A Few of Our Current Projects

We are currently on site at several mines/mining sites, as well as smelting/foundry operations, primarily based in the Brits and Mooinooi vicinities.


Both of these industries are high-risk in terms of employee safety, and therefor require specialized services in order to offer their workforce an equally equipped emergency medical service.

Services We Offer

Our Special projects are specifically tailored for corporate mining clients, including:

  • Onsite clinics

  • Support occupational health

  • Emergency drills & Risk Assessments

  • Standby services

The aim of these services is to make emergency medical services readily available to employees on site, who are able to deal with issues ranging from illnesses to work-related injuries.

Another key aspect of our comprehensive service, is our capability to deal with Workmen's Compensation claims, in the event of an employee be injured while on duty.

Tailored, Just For You

Each industry is unique, and for that reason, respective industries

have specific emergency medical service needs that have to be for filled- some of which are required by law.

H.E.M.S is able to assist with all aspects of these needs: from determining which services are must be in order for compliance,

to offering  comprehensive & strategic services to for fill these prescribed requirements.

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