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Fire & Rescue

Anytime, Every time.
HEMS Fire & Rescue division are Prepared for Anything.



To protect life and property by being prompt skillful and caring. Our actions are anchored in the core values of Courage, Integrity, Compassion and Leadership.


To be a respected valuesdriven leader in the community. Through our commitment to innovation, services and excellence. We will always strive to be leaders in the Rescue and Fire industry.

Who We Are

As a division of HEMS we are dedicated professionals who are committed to serving the community by protecting life, property, and the environment . We are here to protect the irreplaceable.


HEMS Fire and Rescue division strive to enable the community of Madibeng to prosper in a safe environment.


We are focused on increasing the necessary rescue firefighting resources effectively within our community by providing fire and rescue services to municipal, commercial, hospitality, industrial and mining sectors.

Our company’s reputation is built on solid long term professional relationships that we worked hard to built along the way.

HEMS dedication to excellence regarding rescue and fire is unlike any other. We are able to exceed the defined limits of rescue and fire service and we constantly find more effective ways of managing our crew and dedicated resources.

We are innovative and driven by excellence and efficiency to deliver a skilled and professional fire and rescue service to the community we serve

The People Getting the Job Done

The vehicle is operated by qualified rescue and firefighting professionals ready to deal with any fire ,rescue and hazmat emergency.

We respond to fires, road crashes, emergency medical calls, industrial and mining accident. Our highly trained team strives to provide outstanding service on every call and are ready to respond to emergencies in record time.

Our staff are highly qualified and competent operators with years of experience in hazardous, remote and high risk environments.

Our Emergency Capabilities

The specific capabilities our emergency response crews maintain include, but are not limited to:

  • Technical Rescue.

  • Road accident rescue.

  • Low/high voltage rescue.

  • Helicopter landing safety operations.

  • Confined space rescue.

  • Firefighting .

  • Hazardous material response.

  • Structural collapse.

  • Incident scene command and control.​

We proudly stay ahead of the game by embracing training and development, continually learning while delivering professional standards to effectively serve our community.

With safety and quality being of utmost importance to us.

Our goal is to ensure the safety and well-being of our patient in times of disaster.

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